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Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey wants all North Carolinians to be educated and up-to-date as we recover from the effects of Hurricane Florence and Michael. Visit for information or call the Department of Insurance at:


Victim Assistance Centers:
Victim Assistance Centers (VACs) are being set up to help storm victims with their insurance questions, needs and concerns.

Pamlico County
Grantsboro Town Hall
10628 NC Hwy 55 East
Grantsboro, NC
HOURS: Tuesday, October 23 from 9am – 5pm

Scotland County
Scotland County Parks and Recreation
1210 Turnpike Road
Laurinburg, NC
HOURS: Wednesday, October 24 from 9am – 5pm

Columbus County Election Board
50 Legion Drive
Whiteville, NC
HOURS: Thursday, October 24 from 9am – 5pm

Hoke County
Raeford Civic Center
200 College Drive
Raeford, NC
HOURS: Thursday, October 25 from 9am – 5pm


As storms to move out and the recovery begins, please remember to remain cautious and careful by using these tips.

  • Listen to authorities for information and special instructions.
  • Be careful during clean-up. Wear protective clothing and work with someone else.
  • Do not touch electrical equipment if it is wet or if you are standing in water. If it is safe to do so, turn off electricity at the main breaker or fuse box to prevent electric shock.
  • Avoid wading in floodwater, which can contain dangerous debris. Underground or downed power lines can also electrically charge the water.
  • Save phone calls for emergencies. Phone systems are often down or busy after a disaster. Use text messages or social media to communicate with family and friends.
  • Document any property damage with photographs. Contact your insurance company for assistance.

Hurricane Florence has had a tremendous impact on our State and many of the larger effects are yet to be realized. The Department of Insurance is working to answer insurance questions and connect victims with representatives from their insurance companies so they can get back on their feet.

There are also a number of national and state charitable organizations that are doing their part to help the people of North Carolina to recover from this disaster. The Department understands that charitable contributions are often personal, and everyone gives in their own way. However, if you are looking to see how you can help those affected by the disaster, below are links to some of the organizations that are on the ground in North Carolina helping our fellow citizens:



  • Questions About Insurance?
    Call the N.C. Department of Insurance consumer hotline at 855-408-1212 (toll free)
  • Questions About Flood Insurance?
    Call the National Flood Insurance Program at 888-379-9531

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