Firearm Safety for Parents and Caregivers

Did you know…

  • Guns are in more than one third of all U.S. households? They're a very real danger to children, whether you own one or not.
  • Of the 192 million firearms owned in the United States, 65 million are handguns? Research shows guns in homes are a serious risk to families. 
  • A gun kept in the home is far more likely to kill someone known to the family than to kill or injure a household member than kill or injure an intruder?
  • A gun kept in the home triples the risk of homicide?
  • The risk of suicide is five times more likely if a gun is kept in the home? 

Use these tips to ensure that you and the children in your care are safe from firearms:

  • Children should not have access to firearms.
  • Even if you don't own a gun, chances are your friends or neighbors do. That's why it's important to talk to kids about the potential dangers of guns, and what to do if they find one.
  • Gun owners should always store firearms (including BB or pellet guns) unloaded and locked up, out of reach of children. Ammunition should be locked in a separate location, also out of reach of children.
  • Quality safety devices, such as gun locks, lock boxes or gun safes, should be used for every gun kept in the home. Keep gun storage keys and lock combinations hidden in a separate location.
  • Parents should talk to children about the hazards of gun use.
  • Teach them never to touch or play with guns, and to tell an adult if they find a gun.
  • Check with neighbors, friends and relatives or adults in any other homes where children may visit to ensure they follow safe storage practices if firearms are in their homes.

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