Fire and Burn Prevention for Safety Professionals

Did you know…

  • Fires and burns are the #5 cause of injury-related death to children in the United States?
  • Over 300 children are treated in emergency rooms for burn-related injuries each day and 2 children die as a result of being burned?
  • 47% of children who died from fires or burns were aged 4 and under?

Educate children and families about what they can do to protect themselves and others from fire and burns:

  • Remind parents and caregivers to:
    • Cook with caution: never leave flammable items near the stove, turn all handles away from children's reach, and never leave a child in the kitchen alone while they're cooking.
    • Keep matches, candles, gasoline, lighters and all other flammable materials locked away and out of children's reach.
    • Set their water heater thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Consider installing water faucets and shower heads containing anti-scald technology.
    • Install and maintain smoke alarms in their homes and be sure to test them once a month.
    • Never smoke in bed and extinguish cigarettes before going to bed or leaving the house.
    • Never leaving a burning candle unattended and keep candles away from children, pets, or combustible materials
  • Remind children to:
    • "Stop, Drop and Roll" if their clothes are on fire. Practice it with them.
    • Have an escape plan and practice it with their family. Make sure everyone knows at least two ways out of every room and choose a central meeting place outside.
    • "Get Low and Go." Explain to them that smoke rises up, so they need to stay down low where the air is clean. Practice crawling low under smoke.
    • Never stop or go back inside a burning building for a toy or pet. Point to things in the room and ask if they should go back for them. The children should yell "No!"

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