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Smoke Alarm Installation Program

The North Carolina Department of Insurance - Office of State Fire Marshal is offering grants for smoke alarm education and installation. The purpose of this grant is to install 10 year lithium smoke alarms in high fire risk areas. Having a working smoke alarm cuts the chances of dying in a fire in half. Almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.

This program is designed as a total community canvassing project to provide both education and long-life smoke alarms as needed. Recipients must identify high fire risk areas in their communities to target and conduct fire safety sweeps. This can be accomplished by using local fire data. High fire risk areas may include, but are not limited to areas with minority populations, large percentage of older mobile homes, low-income residences with older adults, and areas with a large number of older homes. The goal of this project is to reduce fire deaths and injuries to North Carolina residents. The long-term outcomes includes communities that are better prepared should a fire break-out in their residence.


  • There is no deadline for grant application requests. This will be an ongoing grant as long as resources are available.
  • All smoke alarms and community canvassing must be completed within six months of receipt of alarms.
  • NC fire departments currently reporting through NFRIS are eligible to apply.
  • NC Agencies that have been trained to install alarms are eligible to apply.
  • Grant recipients will initially receive 54 alarms. Agencies that submit their survey forms will be in good standing and eligible to receive additional alarms.
  • Grant applications must be complete.
  • Chief/Manager/Director of agency must agree to the guidelines and approve grant request prior to submitting.

Grant award recipients will be required to complete the following:

  • Complete online Smoke Alarm Installation Program training.
  • Complete canvassing project within six months of receipt of alarms.
  • Visit all homes in the target areas.
  • Provide fire safety education during home visits.
  • Install smoke alarms in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and follow NFPA recommended guidelines.
  • Submit survey forms online within thirty days of installation.
  • Report if lives saved and injuries avoided as a result of this project.

Grant Application

Canvassing Information

If you are unfamiliar with how to do a Neighborhood Canvassing watch our Pocket Tools video Smoke Alarm Canvassing.

For more information on Smoke Alarms visit our Pocket Tool quick drills: