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The Fire and Rescue Service Instructor Program (previously known as Educational Methodology) has been updated in accordance to the NFPA 1041 standard, 2012 edition. The North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission will be offering Requalifications for Instructors who are currently qualified to teach the Instructor 1 and 2 program (previously known as Educational Methodology). If a currently qualified Fire and Rescue Service Instructor (previously known as Educational Methodology Instructor) does not take the Instructor 1 and 2 Requalification course their qualifications will be dropped. To regain the qualification they will have to take the Qualification Course for Instructor 1 and 2. Updates to the Instructor will take effect January 1, 2014.

Please review the schedule and contact the Instructor via email and let them know which course you will be attending. Should you have any questions please contact Kim Williams at or 1-800-634-7854 ext. 321.

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