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How do I become a SHIIP Volunteer?

SHIIP is always looking for more volunteers. With the many decisions people with Medicare have to make, we can never have too many volunteers to assist the millions of beneficiaries in our state.

SHIIP volunteers help fellow senior citizens in their community with questions regarding Medicare, Medicare supplements, Medicare claims processing, Medicare Advantage, Medicare prescription drug plans and long-term care insurance. Volunteers should:

  • Not be, or have an immediate family member who is an active insurance salesperson.
  • Complete a 13 hour on-line training certification course
  • Provide one-to-one counseling by appointment at counseling site or at home* of home-bound or by telephone.
  • Enter all counseling and outreach efforts into the federal SHIPtalk website.
  • Keep all client information (medical and financial) confidential.
  • Never recommend a specific insurance company or policy.
  • Attend quarterly follow-up meetings.

*NOTE: Home visits are optional.

Call SHIIP at 855-408-1212 (toll free) or your local SHIIP County office to obtain a SHIIP Volunteer Registration form. Or you may download and complete the Volunteer Registration Form and turn it into your local SHIIP County Office.

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