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Manufactured Housing Board Member Training

Pursuant to General Statute 93B-5 Compensation, employment, and training of board members, the North Carolina Department of Justice in conjunction with the Office of State Fire Marshal have created these online training courses for new and current board members. New board members must complete this training within six months of being instated and every two calendar years thereafter. The training must be on the statutes governing the board and rules adopted by the board as well as the following state laws in order to gain a better understanding of State Agency obligations and limitations: Chapter 150B, The Administrative Procedure Act; Chapter 132, The Public Records Law; Article 33C of Chapter 143, The Open Meetings Act; Articles 31 and 31A of Chapter 143, The State Tort Claims Act and The Defense of State Employees Law; Chapter 138A, The State Government Ethics Act; or Chapter 120C, Lobbying.

Available Training

.html Board Member Training I - Meeting Laws
.html Board Member Training II - Combined Topics