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Fire and Life Safety Educators Association - Hoarding

The Clutter/Hoarding Assessment was compiled to be an easy to use document for any first responder when clutter and/or hoarding is encountered. The Assessment is not a definitive diagnosis; it is simply a tool to quantify the first responder's observations.

The following are suggested websites that contain information that may help the fire service better understand and address Clutter/Hoarding issues:

Task Force

The following are members of the Hoarding Task Force and are committed to eliminating a growing concern for fire service partners.

Jan Parker - OSFM
Kelly Ransdell - NFPA
LeShane Baldwin - DHHS
Jennifer Shore - NCBAM
Kelli Ferris - NCSU
Wendy Giannini-King - Wilmington Fire Dept.
Mike King - Forsyth County FMO
Jeff Bostian - Concord Fire Dept.
Leigh Kish - Charlotte Fire Dept.
Christy Russell - Charlotte Fire Dept.
Maria Bostian - Kannapolis Fire Dept.
John Reed - Cherokee Fire- Rescue
Steve Smith - Cherokee Fire-Rescue