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Injury Prevention

fire and life safety

Fire and Life Safety Educators Association - Council

NC Fire and Life Safety Education Council is composed of members from each of the three regions across NC. The purpose of the NC FLSE Council:

  • To reduce through safety education the loss of life, property and injuries caused by fire or other emergency situations.
  • To provide a network of educators for the exchange of ideas and resources.
  • To promote educational resources among educators and to coordinate and promote educational resources of safety education for the public.
  • To respond to fire and life safety educators needs throughout NC by assisting them in all phases of life safety education.
  • To submit and publish articles and research data regarding fire and other safety issues.
  • To conduct training and workshops to enhance professional development among fire and life safety educators.
  • To serve as the Technical Advisory Committee to the NC State Fireman’s Association on all issues pertaining to fire and life safety.


Chair Scott Strickland –

Vice Chair Allyson Sigmon –

Secretary Wendy Giannini –