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Proximate Audience License - Assistant

  • Must be 18 yrs of age,
  • Submit online Application (and include/attach all the following information within the online application):
    • Color Photo; 2"x2", taken within last six months(Example: Passport photo)
    • Copy of Driver License/Government Issued ID,
    • Affidavit (must be ink seal Notarized, raised seals can not be uploaded),
    • ATF Questions Answered and Digitally Signed or EPQ (Employer Possessor Questionnaire form)
    • Copy of Professional Licenses held in other states; photocopy all listed licenses if applying for reciprocity.
  • Proximate Pyrotechnic Operator Application Fee Payment of $100.00 with a testing fee of $10.00. Mail check or money order payable to "The North Carolina Department of Insurance."
    North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal
    Attn: Pyrotechnic Licensing
    1202 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh NC, 27699-1202
  • Once application is received and approved, you will receive notification of approval to test and MUST pay testing fee prior to being eligible to test.
    The individual successfully passes an examination approved by the State Fire Marshal that demonstrates the individual has the knowledge to safely handle, store, and exhibit Class 1.4g, 1.3g, 1.2g, and 1.1g pyrotechnics or provides satisfactory evidence of current certification by a third party acceptable to the State Fire Marshal(Reciprocity- must upload copies of all current out of state licenses to show as proof).

Proximate Audience Assistants Renewals

Renewals require 12 hours of continuing education and a minimum of three shoots over the three year licensing period. Your Renewal Application should include verification of your 12 hours of Continuing Education and your 3 shoots over the three year renewal period. Verification of both of these can be accomplished through the use of an Assistant Attestation Form signed by the operator under which you worked as an assistant.

NC Operator's Assistant Permit without examination

All valid out of state Pyrotechnic and/or Proximate Operator license holders will automatically qualify for a North Carolina Operator's Assistant Permit without examination. An Assistant's application and all of the supporting documentation, as well as a $30 application fee will be required prior to the issuance of an Assistant's Permit.

North Carolina Law allows properly credentialed "Event Employees" to handle pyrotechnic materials. See the Event Employee certification page for more information.