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Fire and Rescue Commission


Effective May 5th, 2017, all Fire and Rescue students are required to sign in with an NCID to access Student Fire & Rescue Commission/Training Transcripts and Certifications, and to Register for Qualification Regional Registration. Please go to OSFM 24 for directions and links to log in to this system.


Incident Reporting - NFIRS Participation

Report Incidents Electronically Using NFIRS 5 Software

The online version will eventually replace the software downloading process, so begin participating with the online version today.

Users no longer have to download software to input reports. Users can search and prepare reports, input incidents, change passwords and more from any computer provided they have internet access and an account set up. It is still free. Users who already have accounts set can begin using the online version immediately. New users need to follow the account set up instructions to get started.

Departments may use the USFA NFIRS 5 data entry online tool. This is available to fire departments at no cost. Departments interested in using the USFA NFIRS 5 online version and do not have an account should register as a user with NFIRS. Please note: PASSWORDS MUST BE 8 ALPH-NUMERIC CHARACTERS, WITH AT LEAST ONE NUMERIC

Once you have registered please email Monna Gillespie, with the following information:

Fire Department Name
County Name
Contact name used for registration

To download the program, log in with the user name and password you used to register. Internet connection will be necessary for software updates and transmittal of data. In many cases a vendor's program may better meet a department's needs for training and system support.

NFIRS 5.0 Forms can be downloaded from

The Coding Questions and Answers Guide can be downloaded from This Guide provides information on coding NFIRS 5.0 incident reports in a question-and-answer format. For coding rules,

Using the USFA software allows the user to input and store their data on USFA’s server under NC’s partition. You are not required to send files to the NC Fire and Rescue Commission or USFA they are stored as you save each report.

Departments may purchase third party software packages and send their reports to the NC Fire and Rescue Commission. These reports can be emailed to

Should you have any questions regarding the software or other incident reporting questions, please call Monna Gillespie at 1-800-634-7854 or 919-647-0088 or Jessica Lashbrook at 1-800-634-7854 or 919-647-0087.