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Fire and Rescue Commission


Certification and Training - NC Fire and Rescue Instructor Re-Qualification

Driver Operator, Airport Firefighter, Marine Shipboard Firefighter and Fire Life Safety Educator Instructors: Complete this Instructor Upgrade no later than April 1, 2017. If you are qualified in one of these areas, and do not participate in this online upgrade by the indicated date, you will be required to attend a Q-School examination to obtain re-qualification.

.html 20162017 Instructor Requalification ARFF_MSFF - Presenter output
.html Mobile Water Supply Qualification NFPA 1002, Chapter 10, 2014 Edition - Presenter output
.html NFPA 1002, 2014 ed. Driver Operator Instructor ReQualification - Presenter output
.html NFPA 1035, 2015 ed. Fire Life Safety Educator Instructor ReQualification - Presenter output
.html RIC 2017 Instructor ReQualification - Presenter output