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Fire and Rescue Commission


Certification and Training - NC Fire and Rescue Instructor Online Re-Qualification

Please click on the link below for the program you wish to requalify in. You will be prompted to complete an online power point slide show. The slides have audio voiceovers. Please make sure your speakers are on and turned up. You will not be allowed to move forward through the slides until each slide has been completed. At the end of the presentation you will be required to complete profile information that will allow your records to be updated in the database. Be sure to indicate which subjects you want to requalify in.

Each requalification requires that you are qualified to the previous edition of the standard.

Please check your transcript before proceeding with the online requalification process. If you don’t have the appropriate qualification code number listed and you complete the online presentation your online requalification will not be valid.

There are no online re-qualifications available at this time