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2009 Residential

04505.5 - Engineered Wood Products and Connectors in Marine and Flood Zone Environments.pdf .pdf
4402 - Use of DASMA Technical Data Sheet 155h.pdf .pdf
4403.1 - Footing Widths in 120 and 130 MPH Wind Zones.pdf .pdf
4403.2.2 - Footing Widths in 120 and 130 MPH Wind Zones.pdf .pdf
N01101.1 - Garage Heating and Cooling for a Dwelling.pdf .pdf
N01102.1 - Termite Inspection Gaps And Energy Trade-off Calculations.pdf .pdf
N1102 - Insulation Placement Between Multi-Family Dwelling Units.pdf .pdf
N1102.1 - Cob Construction.pdf .pdf
R0101.2 - Automobile Bridge Code Applicability.pdf .pdf
R0101.2 - Bed and Breakfast Dwelling.pdf .pdf
R0101.2 - Condominium and Applicable Codes.pdf .pdf
R0101.2 - Outdoor Fireplaces.pdf .pdf
R0202 - Definition of Bedroom.pdf .pdf
R0202 - Mean Roof Height Calculation.pdf .pdf
R0301 - Cob Construction.pdf .pdf
R0301.1 and Appendix M - Engineering Designs for Boathouses.pdf .pdf
R0301.2 - Use of DASMA Technical Data Sheet 155h.pdf .pdf
R0301.2(4) - Basic Design Wind Velocities for Mountain Regions.pdf .pdf
R0301.2.1.2 - Windborne Debris Protection.pdf .pdf
R0302 - Location on Lot Related to Zoning, Deed Restrictions and Covenants.pdf .pdf
R0303.3 - Vanity Room Exhaust Fan.pdf .pdf
R0307.1 - Minimum Plumbing Fixture Clearances.pdf .pdf
R0308.4 - Tempered Glass for Windows 9 Sq Ft or More.pdf .pdf
R0308.4 - Tempered Glass Next to Doors.pdf .pdf
R0309 - Garage Separation.pdf .pdf
R0309 - Residential Aircraft Hangars.pdf .pdf
R0309.1.1 - Flexible Air Duct in Garage of Single Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
R0309.2 - Fiber-Cement Board Siding for Garage Separation.pdf .pdf
R0309.2 - Sheetrock on Inside of Exterior Garage Wall.pdf .pdf
R0310 - Emergency Openings Casement Window Glass Area.pdf .pdf
R0310.1.1 - Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening Minimum Size.pdf .pdf
R0311.3 - Double Door Exit.pdf .pdf
R0311.4.3 - Stair Riser Height Measurement at Thresholds.pdf .pdf
R0311.5.2 - Fixed Stairway Upper Landing Headroom.pdf .pdf
R0312 - Guard Rails on Screened Porches.pdf .pdf
R0312.1 - Guards at Benches and Hot Tubs.pdf .pdf
R0313 - Carbon Monoxide Alarms.pdf .pdf
R0313.2 - Smoke Detectors in Attics.pdf .pdf
R0313.2 - Smoke Detectors in Residential Aircraft Hangers.pdf .pdf
R0313.2.1 - Smoke Alarms in Existing One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses.pdf .pdf
R0319 - Galvanized Flashing Used With New Pressure Treated Wood.pdf .pdf
R0320.1 - Borate Termite Treatment.pdf .pdf
R0324.1.7 - Engineered Wood Products and and Connectors in Marine and Flood Zone Environments.pdf .pdf
R0403.1 - Continuous Footings at Garage Door Openings.pdf .pdf
R0403.1.6 - Anchorage of Interior Load Bearing Walls on Slab-On-Grade.pdf .pdf
R0403.1.6 - Foundation Anchor Strap Spacing.pdf .pdf
R0403.1.6 - Sill Plate Anchor Bolt Hole Size.pdf .pdf
R0403.1.6 and R0404.1.5.1 - Anchorage for Pier and Curtain Wall Foundations.pdf .pdf
R0404.1.1 - Max Foundation Wall Height Without Unbalanced Backfill.pdf .pdf
R0404.1.5 - Nonload-bearing Masonry Foundation Curtain Walls.pdf .pdf
R0404.1.5.1 - Pier and Curtain Wall Bonding.pdf .pdf
R0407.3 - Porch Column Attachment.pdf .pdf
R0408.1.5 - Crawlspace Vents Under Porch.pdf .pdf
R0502.6 - Wood Girder Plates.pdf .pdf
R0502.8 - Drilling and Notching of Girders.pdf .pdf
R0502.8 - Drilling Middle Two-Tenths of Floor Joists.pdf .pdf
R0602.1 - Ungraded Lumber.pdf .pdf
R0703.8 - Aluminum Flashing Material.pdf .pdf
R0806 - Cross Ventilation in Porches.pdf .pdf
R0807.1 - Attic Access Net Clear Opening Clarification.pdf .pdf