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Code Enforcement - Private Plan Review - When Is A Plan Review Required

Plan Review Required by NC Department of Insurance, Engineering Division for New Construction & Additions

Q.  How do you determine when plan review is required by the Department of Insurance, Engineering Division?

A.  See Table 104.1 (below) from the NC Administration and Enforcement Requirements Code, 2012 edition and the "COMMENTARY" below the table.

Occupancy Group Building Plans to be Approved
Section 403 - High Rise All buildings
Section 402 - Covered Mall Buildings All buildings
City/County All buildings as required by G.S. 58-31-40
Group Al Occupant load over 1,000
Group E - Educational Over 2 stories or over 20,000 sf/story
Group H Occupant load over 100
Group I - Institutional Institutional Over 3 stories or over 10,000 sf/story
Group R - Residential Over 4 stories or over 100 units/building
1. Except temporary bleachers.
2. Plans and specifications are not required by the Engineering Division on buildings which are located in a city or county inspection jurisdiction approved to perform plan review.

The Engineering Division shall require plans review of buildings classified as city/county buildings as required by GS 58-31-40.


  • The square footages refer to footprint of a new building or building addition.
  • The occupant loads refer to a new building or building addition area only.
  • The occupancy load for a Church is typically based on the occupant load of the Occupant Group A-3 main meeting area. If the A-3 area is over 1,000 occupants then DOI plan review is required unless exception 2 above applies.
  • The exception listed at the bottom of Table 502 applies only to footnote 2.
  • G.S. 58-31-40 indicates that such City/County owned buildings must be greater than 20,000 s.f. of new or additional building footprint to require DOI review. The 20,000 s.f. applies to individual structures on the site and not the sum of the structures.
  • City or county inspection jurisdictions approved to perform plan reviews.