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Initial License

Statutes and Regulations:

Forms Required in an Initial Licensure Submission:

License Renewal

Statutes and Regulations:

Forms Required for Renewal Licensure Submission:

Additional Forms For Renewal Licensure – Submit When Changes Have Been Made:

A licensed TPA is one who  collects premiums, adjusts or settles claims, or underwrites life, health or annuities.   This TPA will have a contract with an insurance company licensed in North Carolina.

A registered TPA is one who contracts with a self-funded employer to adjust or settle the claims for the employer or administers the Section 125 Flexible Spending account for an employer.

All information in our TPA files is confidential pursuant to GS 58-56-51.  If you have any further questions, you can direct them to our L&H Inbox at    L& and we will respond.